Writing Methods Section of Research Paper in APA

Your research paper will always have several sections, and each section must have detailed information presented in the required manner or structure. In this write-up, we feature the apa methods section and how you should write the section to make your research paper stand out. Therefore, if you are almost writing your research paper or you are in the process of writing the APA method section of your paper, keep reading to ensure you follow the right steps and present the required details.

What to include in methods section of the research paper

Before describing the writing process of the methods section APA 7th edition, you might be wondering what details you need to include in this section.

Well, the APA method section is where you highlight in detail a report on how you conducted the research process until when you finished the project.

Papers that often follow the APA style include natural sciences and social-related topics. Therefore, you need not only to highlight your research process in this section but to give the reader satisfying details that will enhance a deeper understanding of your research process.

The information includes the procedures you used to find information, the measures you took to evaluate the information, and the samples you used to conclude your analysis.

A detailed guide on how to write method section of research paper

In every essay paper, there are detailed objectives the writer must meet. The same should apply when writing the methods section of the research paper to make the paper meaningful to the reader.

Therefore, make sure to describe the participants, the tool used for the experiment, and the steps you took to ensure the research was successful. Also, include the positive experiences that made the research successful and the challenges you encountered that could have made the research a bit hard.

Therefore, your method section of the research section should describe three major sections:

  • The participants
  • The tools/apparatus
  • The procedure

You can arrange the details in any order. However, make sure you include headings based on what you are describing. Also, include context only relevant to the research paper.

The participant’s sub-section

Here, your focus should be mainly on the characteristics of participants who took part in your experiment process. Be sure to include the sample size and the sampling method.

When describing the characteristics, include demography details of the participants, relevant only to the experiment. Therefore, include details such as education level, religion, ethnicity/ race, gender, and age, among other crucial details that match your main topic. 

After describing the characteristics, highlight the sampling strategy. For instance, did you choose randomly, or did you use any given strategy? Also, include details of whether the participants volunteered or were persuaded and offered compensation to participate.

Finally, describe the sample size you used to attain the results and draw conclusions.

Apparatus/tools sub-section

Here, you simply explain the tools you used to perform your experiment. Include a detailed description of all devices and tools you used to gather your information. Remember to include the total tools with their names and significant details related to the tools.

Procedure sub-section

Under this sub-section, describe the conditions in which you collected your data. Highlight the guidelines you gave the participants and the approaches you used to analyze the data.

Best tips on how to format a methods section APA

Finally, you know what the method section of the research paper is and how to start a methods section whenever handling such an assignment. You can use the tips below to bring out the best section of your research paper.

1. Review a sample method section APA

Revising through an APA methods section example will give you a highlight of what you should include in your paper whenever you feel stuck. Be sure to get the best of these papers from credible online sources and school libraries.

2. Always review and follow the requirements

Depending on your field, you will always get detailed instructions and guidelines, especially on how to format a methods section APA. Never disregard these guidelines.

3. Remember to cite your sources

As part of avoiding excess word count, you can always cite your sources and avoid lengthy explanations. Besides, citing the sources used shows how knowledgeable you are in academic matters.


Are you almost writing your research paper? Well, make this write-up your reference to bring out the best method section of your paper.

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