70 Stunning Topics to Write Research Paper On

Good research paper topics are the basics of a well-written essay. The writing process can be a smooth ride only when you have the appropriate topic. If you have a specific topic to research, then you will have no option other than to do your best. However, when you have the option to choose your desirable topic, the idea may seem easy, but in reality, it can be more complex than you can imagine.

In the process of choosing a topic, many elements are involved. As a student, you must be creative and weigh the different options you have to ensure you settle on a topic that is researchable and interesting to write about. Failure to factor in these elements might have you stuck along the way during the writing process.

What is the best topic for research paper? Qualities of a good one

So, how do you know your research paper topic is perfect? When deciding on your topic, consider the following:

  • Avoid abbreviation(s) in a research topic – the reader might not get the real meaning of the abbreviations in your topic, hence, misinterpreting the topic.
  • Use sentence case to write your topic – unless stated otherwise, try not to present your topic in capital letters or capitalize each word.
  • Keep it simple – get a simple topic that the reader will read, understand, and interpret immediately.
  • Get a meaningful topic – while choosing an interesting topic should be your number one priority, make sure the topic brings sense and meaning to the reader, or rather the topic should address issues affecting the society at large.

How to pick a topic for research paper

Use the following guide to ensure you settle for the best topic for your research paper

  • Brainstorm topic ideas based on your field
  • Select a topic that interests you
  • Narrow down the topic- to get the specific topic to present
  • Define your topic
  • Create an outline and begin the research process

How to introduce your topic in a research paper

When you finally have your research topic, the next element is how to present the topic for the reader to understand your concept.

When introducing your topic, explain to the reader in a summary form what your topic concept is all about. Next, let the reader know why the topic is of great interest to you and why you decided to perform some research on the subject matter.

Once you have introduced your research paper topic in a compelling manner, include a solid hook as an opening sentence to capture the reader’s attention.

What are good topics for a research paper?

Finally, you have the whole concept of how you can start the process until you get that perfect topic for your research paper and how you can introduce the topic to the reader. Next, let’s highlight some of the topics to consider for your research paper.

Economics topics for research paper

  1. Do you think happiness is more important than money?
  2. The significance of education in relation to poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy
  3. Effective money management mechanisms
  4. Selecting a career based on passion and money
  5. How to boost third-world economics
  6. The evolution of world trade
  7. Give a review of the Brazilian economy
  8. Describe drug development in relation to economics
  9. What is your understanding of fiscal policy?
  10. Pros and cons of privatization
  11. Describe the collection of revenue in public hospitals
  12. How was the global economy affected by the 2007-2008 crisis?

Ethical research paper topics

  1. Do you think spying on someone online is ethical?
  2. Is it ethical to use animals for product testing?
  3. Is it ethical to borrow money from a person you know he/she needs money too?
  4. Should tortures be made legal?
  5. Is it appropriate to use drones anywhere?
  6. Using other people’s photos online: Is it ethical?
  7. Using drugs in sports functions: Is it ethical?
  8. Workplace ethics: how to make unbiased decisions
  9. How to treat homeless people in relation to ethics
  10. Describe the ethical practices in the nursing field
  11. Managing psychiatric patient ethics
  12. Should prostitution be legalized?

History research paper topics

  1. Lessons to learn from Julius Caesar’s Memoirs
  2. Describe the cause and effect of urbanization in Medieval Europe
  3. What caused the Syrian conflict?
  4. The impact of apartheid
  5. Describe the aftershocks of the cold war
  6. Analyze the mid-Tudor crisis
  7. The Salem Witch Trials consequences
  8. What role did Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès play in the French revolution?
  9. What caused the Great Depression?
  10. What role did women play in WWII?
  11. Analyze slavery in the USA
  12. The upshot of the industrial revolution on the environment

Literature research paper topics

  1. Describe antiheroes and villains in the modern literature
  2. Explain psychology in relation to literature
  3. The role of animals in children’s literature
  4. What is your Metamorphoses understanding in relation to literature?
  5. What roles do females play in literature?
  6. Describe challenges associated with studying literature
  7. What is the link between sin and the soul?
  8. The significance of life in modern poetry
  9. Explain the significant contributions of Shakespeare’s work
  10. Literature vs. religion
  11. How literature promotes male chauvinism
  12. Digital media vs. old literary forms

Science topics for a research paper

  1. Describe viruses in the current world
  2. Describe the DNA process
  3. The supernova wonders
  4. Water shortages in the current world
  5. Safety measures during hurricanes
  6. Explain the green energy development
  7. Describe your understanding of alien life
  8. Human role in climatic changes
  9. Science and covid-19
  10. The future of stem cell treatment
  11. The major cause of Astroid Belt
  12. Describe Dark Matter and its significance

Sociology research paper topics

  1. Divorce’s impact on children
  2. The role of social sanctions in the current world
  3. How social networks affect the education process
  4. Securing social networks
  5. Blogging in relation to sociology
  6. Photography culture in social media
  7. The impact of teamwork on interpersonal skills
  8. How does reading affect verbal communication?
  9. Describe men vs. women professions
  10. How gender studies impact self-esteem

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