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brought us to water

Weinberg, Y. Palti. JST October 18. “I’ve been a strong proponent of protecting the environment,” he said. “When I got interested in starting a screen printing company, I wanted it to be environmentally friendly. That brought us to water based inks, but little did I know at the time that would be a huge challenge compared to plastisol, which is oil based inks.”.

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Of course, the extra airflow is probably necessary to keep the Radeon HD 5750 cool, especially if it’s destined for the cramped confines of low profile enclosures. The Juniper GPU that underpins the 5750 has 720 active stream processors fewer than the 5770 and a little less than half the number available in the Cypress GPU that powers the 5800 line. PowerColor hasn’t strayed from AMD’s recommended 700MHz core and 1150MHz memory clocks, so you can expect performance to match that of the full size 5750 we reviewed last year.

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4. Can Rod Streater keep it up? If Yarbrough has been the surprise on defense, it’s been Streater on offense. The veteran receiver has been noticed at pretty much every practice, with McDermott calling his performance a “highlight” of camp thus far.