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Tutor on Wheels > 2013 > September > 17 > 02 respectively), while the likelihood of discharge with

02 respectively), while the likelihood of discharge with

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cheap jordans kicks Assuming a beta distribution and rates of death of 1/26 for discharge with ANC/23 for discharge with ANC>500, the probability that a discharge ANC with However, patients with better performance status (2) or who spent a shorter time in hospital after admission for neutropenic fever were more likely to be discharged with lower ANC (Fisher exact p=0.09 and Spearman p=0.02 respectively), while the likelihood of discharge with ANCage, remission status, or type of infection. Thus we examined the relation between ANC and readmission for neutropenic fever separately in patients with better or worse performance status and in patients who spent Cheap jordans more or less than the median time (8 days) in hospital after admission for neutropenic fever. This analysis indicated that patients discharged with lower ANC were more likely to be readmitted only if they had spent more than 8 days in hospital or if they were performance status. cheap jordans kicks

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