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Tutor On Wheels Educational Foundation is a non profit charitable organization established by Tutor on Wheels, with the following mandates:

  1. To provide a platform for children, youth and adults to exhibit their literacy talents within GTA and Ontario
  2. To organize various literacy and educational contests throughout GTA for all ethnicities
  3. To organize GTA spelling bee competition for middle and high school students, which we initiated last year . to introduce junior and senior spelling bee competition from next year
  4. To organize every year literacy events such as French vocabulary contest, science Olympics, Mathletics for students of GTA
  5. Most importantly to establish scholarships for youth and high school students  to help  and support them excel in university or college education
  6. To support , nurture and encourage children and youth with special needs and learning disability to improve their literacy in arts, science, mathematics and music.
  7. To conduct winter and summer workshops for middle and high school students to help them improve their grades or enhance knowledge on the subject matter
  8. To conduct mentoring and training  sessions for  students  to improve their skills in public speaking and leadership towards becoming future  leaders of the country.
  9. To organize  educational seminars/workshops to  promote environmental  awareness among children, youth and new immigrants

To partner with libraries and organizations to help promote and support  youth in multi cultural arts, health and sports education.