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Tutor on Wheels > Math-E-litics Competition 2012 for Grades 6-11 . york and peel region

Math-E-litics Competition 2012 for Grades 6-11 . york and peel region

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Dear Parents and Participants,

Tutor on Wheels Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the launching of Math-a-letics competition for Gr 6 -11 children in Peel, York and Scarborough regions.

The MATH-A-LETICS competition will be offered in three categories.  Sub-junior, Junior and Senior.

Sub Junior category is  for those in grades 6 and 7
Junior category for those in grades 8 and 9
Senior category for those in grades 10 and 11.

The competition will provide an opportunity for students in 6-11 grades to revisit their knowledge in mathematics and what they studied in preceding
grades. Those in Gr 11 will answer the questions based on  grade 9,10 curriculum. Similarly those in Gr 8,9 will be tested for their Mathematics knowledge

pertaining to grade 7 and 8. Those in grades 6,7 will be tested for their knowledge as per Gr 5.6 curriculum.  The competition provides a great platform and opportunity for children to revisit and enhance their knowledge in mathematics, which otherwise would not be possible in academic settings. The contestants will have opportunity to win prizes for each category individually for each region, besides chance for winning complimentary prizes. All the participants will be entitled to receive certificates of participation.