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museums and cemeteries

The 20th century was largely shaped by the First and Second World Wars and Europe is dotted with monuments, museums and cemeteries relating to these conflicts. On an 80 km stretch of Normandy coast alone there are more than 25 sites connected to D Day June 6, 1944 the beginning of the Allied invasion of German occupied Europe. For Canadians visiting France, three museums I visited recently the Juno Beach Centre, the Dieppe Museum and the Caen Memorial will likely resonate the most..

While not as common as in recent years mailboxes are from time to time targeted by thieves. Residents are urged to report immediately any persons or vehicles lingering in the area of mailboxes and to always pick up mail daily. If you are planning on being away, contact Canada Post to have your mail put on hold..

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In former times, smaller animals were more acceptable. Refrigeration was not generally available and much of the livestock handling was left to the women and children. Small cattle required less feed, less fencing and could be tethered in various places to take advantage of what food was available.

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Take a couple of pictures without shirts, he said. As Kirby and Slade gave their most menacing looks to the camera, Kingsley obliged. Afterward, Kirby said, “You watch. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons 1836: Stephen F. Austin, the businessman known as the Father of Texas, dies of pneumonia at age 43 outside of what is now West Columbia, Texas. Austin led the successful colonization of the region in the 1820s by bringing 300 families from the United States to what was then a Mexican province.

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