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“Seniors will still get a simple brochure in the mail from the government every fall,” Bush says in the post. “They will be able to review and choose from their local options from Humana, Anthem, United or another private plan, or traditional Medicare. Seniors will have access to new options, like plans that specialize in treating congestive heart failure or diabetes or Alzheimer’s.”.

3) Publicly recognize our shared humanity, building common ground to resist fear and unfounded suspicion. Donald Trump chose Stephen Bannon as chief White House strategist, a man the New York Times confirms is a white supremacist. Nationalist ideologies like white supremacy gain and maintain power by dividing people creating a dominant in group (“us”) by defining and dehumanizing an out group (“them”).

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The Broncos flew Charles to Colorado for a visit May 2 and signed him immediately. In a business office on the second floor of the team’s training facility, Charles sat at an oversize desk to sign the deal. Photos of his childhood idol rested on a bookcase and were scattered on the wall behind him..

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