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a dangerous offensive weapon

Gurley was the first running back selected in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft (10th overall) and and led all rookies with 1,106 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns despite missing the first two games of the season while recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered in college at Georgia. His speed, power and field vision make him a dangerous offensive weapon. Gurley had 11 carries for more than 20 yards (second most in the NFL) and five plays of 40 plus (most in the league)..

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I suppose you could argue that those two departments should be dissolved and no more complaints allowed, but then it defeats the reason for passing campaign finance laws in the first place. If Purcell is not able to convince a judge that she did not indeed violate our state’s campaign finance laws, then she will have to reimburse the taxpayer for the expenditures of the AG and the PDC’s office so in that case there will be little taxpayer dollars lost. Likewise, if I bring the lawsuit on behalf of the state (which I have done in the near past and will do in the future) then the costs incurred by the state will also be recovered and reimbursed to the state.

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Rosen represents just a tiny bit of the incredible human and financial wreckage Steinger has left in his ugly wake. He has destroyed the lives of friends, relatives, and countless strangers alike. He should have been stopped more than 25 years ago, when he perpetrated the scam that landed him on 60 Minutes..

We get it, Torii. You think you have a heart of a lion. While you will never recapture the glory days of your highlight reel catches as you fiercely patrolled center field in the Metrodome, the Twins are counting on you for your veteran determination and your clubhouse leadership.

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