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Tutor on Wheels > 2014 > June > 25 > A tree cooperates with and sustains different natural forms

A tree cooperates with and sustains different natural forms

Yep, makes perfect sense.And Reachly? That a real time analytics service (did you really have to ask?).Which brings us to Vumly. This one is deliciously ironic.And let not forget Boxly, Bitly, Singly, Yabbly, Seniorly, Leafly, Spokely, Hurdly and Scopely.These inane, obscure ” ly” names are popping up everywhere, spreading like a virus.When and why did this inane craze for inane, names start? And more importantly, when it will it stop?Naming has never been more stupid. If this trend continues, it just a matter of time until Stupidly appears on the scene (“Oh, it perfect for our new on line tutoring platform!”).Isn your company name supposed to differentiate you? The current lack of originality in naming is stunning.

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