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The avalanche continues unabated

Independents and Conservatives With a Conscience

cheap moncler sale The Vote is Fast ApproachingActually, my audience for this blog is a bit smaller. The whole title should be “Independents and Conservatives With A Conscience Who Still Have Doubts About Supporting President Obama and the Democrats in cheap moncler jackets the Midterm Elections, Answer Me This Please”.


It moncler outlet uk should be clear to all now that you have seen four years of the far Right at work that they are bad for America, in a political sense. I would argue that their voice still needs to be heard loud and clear so that we never look too far to the Left, but in the political process they are, to be polite, extremely counterproductive; they need to go and replaced by Republicans who are willing to compromise with Democrats. There has NEVER been a period in history when the progressives, be they Whigs, Republicans, Federalists, or Democrats, as a Party have moncler outlet kids never been willing to compromise. Until 1995, that has been true of the right side of the aisle as well.

moncler outlet sale It has always amazed me how little time many Americans give our leaders to solve problems. Now it seems that those in absolute opposition, those who live by dogma alone, whether it be right or left, will give leaders no time at all. But why is it that those who actually use their brain to sort out the issues fall into the same trap?

monlcer down jackets In 23, ney, 390 days, (remember, I wrote this four years ago) in my view, [I used to think] many right, as in “correct”, thinking Americans will vote to throw the “baby out with the bathwater” because cheap moncler jackets outlet of two unfortunate yet predictable reasons. The First reason is that the Democratic Party, once again, moncler outlet woodbury shows the world that they care more about in fighting than doing what is best for the country. That is a huge turn off to me and I imagine the rest of the electorate. [2013 This isn't so much of a reason anymore [It's now 11/2014 yes it was] although Democrats still have an issue of holding it together which may buy moncler jackets toronto end up hurting moncler outlet mall America’s cause.]

The moncler outlet canada Second reason is that President Obama and the Super majority of Congressional Democrats could not, reverse, in less than 19 months, all of the damage caused by the 2nd most destructive economic downturn world history; the Great Recession of 2007. I am sorry, but I have to just throw my head back and my arms out and scream at the heavens above in utter disbelief and frustration at that unrealistic but yet, I am sure, sincere expectation of many Americans.

moncler outlet 2013 I don’t change, but only add to that.

First Reason: In fighting and No PlanI won’t even attempt to address the First reason for the potential mass migration of independents from the Democrats. Hell, I want to as well! Why, you ask? For the first time in decades the Democrats moncler coats for cheap had an opportunity to fix many of the wrongs visited upon us by the Conservatives Without a Conscience. They blew it!

moncler sale outlet The lack of cohesiveness, lack of cheap moncler coats for women an over arching plan, and in fighting took good policies from President Obama and turned them into political fodder for the Conservatives, both With and Without Consciences. They had a feeding frenzy and rightly so. For that reason alone, the Democrats deserve to lose control, in my opinion. EXCEPT!!

Look who they will lose control to!! It will not be to the Conservatives With a Conscience. It is moncler outlet not the Colin Powells or Olympia Snows cheap moncler jackets wholesale or Charlie Crists (Gov, FL) who will lead the Republicans. These people understand the Art of politics, how to govern, how to work with moncler jackets toronto the other side; in short, what is good for America. Instead, it will be the replacements for the Newt Gengrichs, Tom Delays, and Richard Cheneys; the Conservatives Without a Conscience. I don’t need to tell you how they govern; we are still suffering from the effects of it. Consequently, even though I am miffed at the Dems, this will not stop me from voting for them.

Second Reason: History Repeating ItselfIt is the Second reason I would like to address and receive responses about. My premise is this: it took moncler coats for women seven years, from 1999 to 2007, to create the conditions for the dramatic economic collapse we are currently recovering from. Briefly, it started moncler outlets uk with the repeal, in November 1999, of the 1932 Glass Steagall Act. This long, forgotten Act was sort of the Capstone of moncler outlet online store laws that were put into place to prevent a repeat of the Great Depression. The repeal of moncler jacket online this Act was passed 2018 Moncler jackets by the Republican congress and signed into law by outgoing president Bill Clinton in November 2007. The purpose of the original Act was to prevent speculation by commercial banks on the mortgages they made to Main Street Americans. The repeal allowed the speculation to occur again. Boy did it ever!!!

From 2000 on, President Bush and the Republican Congress of CWoCs weakened or dismantled most of the other laws and regulations that prevented commercial banks and other financial institutions from doing the kinds of things that helped moncler jackets kids lead to, and some say caused, the Great Depression of moncler outlet online 1929. There is no question it was the underlying cause of the Great Recession of 2007. (I will explain this in more detail in another Hub.) To me it is obvious that history repeated itself; the Great Recession of 2007 was predictable. Why? It moncler jacket outlet is simple. You give the moncler jackets for women people who run the discount moncler outlet financial institutions the latitude and freedom from regulations they had prior to 1929 and they will commit the moncler coats for kids same kind moncler coats of financial atrocities that led to the Great Depression. Greed is a very powerful motivator. I argue that recent events prove me right! Any Comments? Anybody Disagree?

What Does It Take Not to Live in Poverty?Poverty: Are Welfare Thresholds Too High or Too Low?.

cheap moncler outlet What income does it really take to barely make it in America, meaning what goes into a

The RemedyNow, in the Great Depression, the government tried the recovery tactics advocated by those who opposed TARP and the Stimulus today; do nothing and let the private sector take care of itself. That is what President Hoover believed then and that is what the CWoCs believe today.

Back then, there was no social security, there were no public works, there was no welfare. At its moncler jackets worse, however, there was almost 25% unemployment and the economy did not recover fully until WW II. In 1940, unemployment was still 15%!

moncler outlet store It was FDR’s massive stimulus program (the New Deal, 1933) that finally started getting America out of the Depression. Ironically, in 1937, the “Conservative Coalition” of conservative Democrats and Republicans rolled back parts of the New Deal and drove us back into a recession! It took World War II to finally get us on our feet again. Isn’t that sad.

Fast forward to December 2007. The Great Recession begins. The stock market has peaked in October and is beginning its great decline; jobs are already being shed; the first snowflakes of the impending avalanche begin to slide downhill.

Fast forward another year to November 2008 and the avalanche is in full force. Almost 700,000 private sector jobs are being lost per month and the stock Moncler Factory Outlet market is in a nose dive; there is no bottom seen to this economic. All is doom and gloom; Barack Obama is elected President. moncler jackets outlet online this was 23 months ago.

There is much debate over what the remedy is to be. It runs the gamut from the Hoover style do nothing, let it run its course approach to the FDR massing stimulus and complete government take over what was finally settled upon; the TARP and a punt.

It is now Jan 2009. TARP was passed by a Democratic congress and signed by President Bush. The idea was to prop up the guilty financial institutions to prevent another Great Depression. This was to be followed by some sort of a stimulus after the new moncler outlet store President took office to put the brakes on the avalanche of job losses before they reached Depression proportions. The Conservatives Without a Conscience, on the other hand, counseled the same tact used by President Hoover in 1929. At least President Bush, for the moment, became a Conservative With a Conscience. The stock market, after having leveled off after President elect Obama’s election started back down again; job loss accelerated, the economic avalanche gained even more steam.. this was 21 months ago.

moncler outlet online Jan 20, 2009, President Obama takes office (and the Conservatives Without a Conscience (CWoC) are wondering why the economy hasn’t turned around yet, Obama must be failing). He begins to put in place is Recovery team. In late Feb 2009, after much sniping by the CWoCs about being too slow, the Democratic congress passes and President Obama signs the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the much maligned Stimulus bill. The stock market is tumbling down again and there is no sign private sector job losses are slowing down, around 720,000/mo. this was 20 months ago.

cheap moncler Failure is Predicted From the Outset or So The ThinkMar 2009. The drumbeat against the President’s stimulus plan begins. The moncler outlet usa stock market hits its low point. The GDP has its last negative report. The avalanche continues unabated, private sector jobs are quickly being shed, still around 700,000/mo. 19 months ago.

moncler mens jackets July 2009. 5 months after stimulus. The “stimulus isn’t working” rhetoric picks up. The stock market moncler coats for men begins its recovery, the recession is “officially” over but this won’t be know for another 10 months, and the avalanche is finally slowing down. a lot! Private womens moncler jackets sector job moncler outlet ny losses are “improving”, in a back handed sort of way; losses are cheap moncler down to around 250,000/mo. To me, that is a dramatic improvement that coincidentally happens 4 5 months after the hated Stimulus Act was made law. Hmmmmm,. 14 months ago.

cheap moncler coats sale moncler jackets Official Moncler Outlet Jan 2010. Only discount moncler jackets 11 months after stimulus!This is a banner month because it is the first month where there was POSITIVE job growth in the Private Sector. This wonderful achievement is drowned out by loud and raucous and fervent calls for repeal of the stimulus and a few calls for the impeachment of the president.

How this great news got lost while the naysayers belief that the Democrats had already lost the midterm elections gained traction are beyond me other than to say, President Obama and his advisers and the Democrats and their advisers moncler coats cheap let it happen. Who in their right mind (except CWoCs) would have ever thought a President could have stopped the hemorrhaging of 700,000 private sector jobs per month caused by the longstanding bad policy of the previous administration could turn that around in a mere 11 months?

cheap moncler coats, please note that it took, what, WW II in 1942 to finally get unemployment below 15% after moncler coats outlet the Great moncler jackets cheap Depression. Please note also, this, 15% unemployment, is where we would have been if the Conservatives Without a Conscience had held sway in 2007 and where we may still end up if they are voted in again on Nov 2, 2010!. this was 10 months ago.

buy moncler jackets The TARP and the moncler jackets canada Stimulus Really Did Work!The stimulus worked. President Obama and the Democratic Congress, in spite of all of their bickering, were able to limit unemployment to 10%, well below the 25% that was possible and only slightly above the predicted 8%. A prediction, I might mention, that was made when nobody had a good idea of the full extent of the damage done by their predecessors. If President Obama’s economic team had waited few months longer to collect more information, there is no doubt, their estimate would have been more on target.

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